Epic. Challenges.

EPIC engages & inspires students to excel in Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Math.

Epic challenges demand

epic problem solvers

Life on Mars

Sustaining life on mars is no easy feat

Robotic Mining

Creating robots for mining regolith on the moon

Pandemic Proof World

Creating a pandemic proof world for a better future

We're solving EPIC PROBLEMS

EPIC engages & inspires students to excel in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Mission To provide a physical and virtual educational ecosystem for students of all ages that motivates and sustains a continued interest in STEM education. Develop a positive outlook and inspire the youth to build a strong STEM-based workforce. Create a competent pool of students with great employability STEM skills and ensure a key participant in global economy.

Vision To transform education and radically increase the number, rate, and quality of students entering the workforce seeking Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)-related careers. Raising youth’s engagement and accomplishment in STEM subjects and careers.

Goals Increase STEM literacy, broaden the participation in STEM workforce, expansion of number of students pursuing STEM degrees. Engagement, interest, enjoyment and achievement in STEM subjects.


From Professors to Students to Industry veterans, people are raving about Epic Education

A unique aspect of the Epic Challenge Program is the “continuity” of mentorship where students are taught by other students who are just “one level above” them and therefore the level of abstraction and detail is much more appropriate and effective than in other programs.
Olivier de Weck
MIT | Aero Astro
We learned how to research an unknown design space to properly define the problem, how to brainstorm and rapidly prototype with an emphasis on creativity and innovation, and how to do so effectively in a team environment. All of this contributed to my accelerated career path...
Andrew Capodieci
Neya Systems, LLC | Robotics Systems Team Lead

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