EPIC Education Foundation Our Mission...

Vision, Ideology, and Strategy


To transform education and radically increase the number, rate, and quality of students entering the workforce seeking Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)-related careers


The Epic Education Foundation (EEF) uses advanced, proven pedagogies coupled with the latest advances in education-related technology to produce engaging learning experiences which excite and inspire young minds and allows them to explore and discover the joys of learning in a psychologically-safe environment. The goal is to create another “Apollo Effect” by significantly increasing the number, rate, and quality of students graduating with STEM-related degrees and obtaining STEM careers.


To provide a physical and virtual educational ecosystem for students of all ages that motivates and sustains a continued interest in STEM education.


The EEF taps into the natural human desire to solve problems and to seek out the next level of difficulty to test one’s ability and to learn from failure through discovery. Real-world challenges of “Epic” proportions are posed; they are decomposed into appropriate-size learning concepts; and are integrated into an exciting curricula to create a knowledge roadmap which relates directly to the problem and which bridges/links current ideas and/or knowledge concepts to prior knowledge in a meaningful way. EEF allows students to experience their innate creativity and the joy of discovery and learning through exploration in a psychologically-safe environment.

Core Ideology:

We’re dedicated to providing free access to open-source content, educational technology, subject-matter-experts (SMEs), and expert educators to advance personal learning and associated research.


• Everyone loves a challenging problem to solve: the more challenging, “Epic”, the more driven the learner

• Students learn by doing and applying: exploration, failure, discovery, and knowledge acquisition in a psychologically safe environment

• Creativity is replacing intelligence as the next currency (Daniel Pink – A Whole New Mind) and combining arts with STEM (STEAM) leads to the joy of discovery which makes learning fun

• Diversity and inclusion are vital for creativity to flourish and highly effective team performance


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