Tom van den Berg

Lead Designer - EEF

Tom started his career as an internal strategy consultant for a bank in the Netherlands. At the moment he is working as a global security governance specialist in the same bank. Working on strategic cases is his passion. Especially when he has to combine and analyse insight from various sources to come to a solution. To find a solution he always likes to use a creative and innovative approach.

Besides work Tom really likes to spend his time socializing with people. As a polyglot speaking multiple languages (Dutch, English, Portuguese and some French) he likes to travel the world meeting new people and learning about other cultures. Along the way he likes to take photos and do some photo editing when he is back home in the Netherlands.

The digital design and editing skills he learned while doing extracurricular/voluntary activities while studying come to good use at the moment. Since right now he is still able to do some editing next to his work for Epic education foundation.